Come as you are!  FCC welcomes you and your family!  When you arrive at First Christian you will be met by an usher or greeter who will direct you based on your family's needs.  The safety of your child is our first concern and there is a check-in station located in the Children's Wing (My Backyard).  Classes for children, teens and adults are offered during the Sunday School hour.  Nursery, Wee Worship, and Kid’s Worship are provided during our Morning Worship time.

Our morning service is a blended worship with musical styles ranging from contemporary Christian to bluegrass gospel. We realize there are many different worship preferences and our service is tailored to the blend of all ages in our congregation. 

Each Sunday worship includes the serving of Communion as Jesus instructed his disciples to remember Him in this way until He returns (1 Corinthians 11:23–26).  As our guest, it is your choice to partake.  Our service concludes with an opportunity to make a life changing decision for Christ, a time of prayer for individuals who request it and a chance to join in fellowship here at FCC.

Please join us this week as we praise our Lord and Savior!